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The Design Loft Powerscourt House, Enniskerry
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20/05/2014 12:00:53:
A few days ago i had the opportunity to take a quick walk around London, with the camera, while wait...

GRAPE 2014

23/04/2014 09:43:47:
The 2014 - Greystones Arts and Photography (and crafts and food) Exhibition. Starting soon......

The Design Loft 2014

05/04/2014 16:46:08:
I have a range of landscape photography prints and canvases for sale in The Design Loft, Powerscourt...

038 - Lough Bray

In the shadow of Kippure Mountain near Glencree in County Wicklow Lough Bray Lodge faces on to the Northern shore of the Lower Lough Bray. Near by the Upper of the two lakes stands surrounded by high cliffs. The Lodge has been an inspiration for many writers most of whom have resided there over the years.

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